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“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in; and it will come naturally.” -David Frost

The path to success is not easy. There are many crests and troughs comprising of challenges, cutting-edge competition, distractions and disillusionment, which one has to face. Therefore, it is imperative that the role of a school is not limited to merely imparting knowledge; schools should rather be a platform for students to become ready for these bigger challenges. A school should be a learning ground for students so that they can walk down the journey of life with their heads held high!

With this aim, we at Bal Jagat Senior Secondary School, are committed to provide wholesome education that is backed by a very strong value system. Our focus is on the emotional growth of our students along with intellectual excellence. We encourage them to think, analyse and express, and empower them to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and self-awareness.

Our pedagogy is completely child-centric. In this regard, we lay special emphasis on both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The school has an affiliation from CBSE, and follows the curriculum prescribed by the board. In our effort toward the overall development of the child, we encourage active participation in the fields of sport, dance, music, theatre, and other creative and recreational activities that facilitate both physical and mental growth.

Interactive teaching methods are used to develop a healthy student-teacher relationship. We make use of various teaching aids and interactive mediums to arouse students’ interest in a subject. With an understanding that every child is different in his or her own right, special focus is laid on the growth of each child that is regularly tracked and recorded. We also upgrade our teaching tools, techniques and academic programmes on a regular basis to meet the needs of the fast-changing world.

A strong character is an amalgamation of knowledge, good values and right attitude, and we ensure that our students have all these qualities. The values of honesty, integrity and equality are regularly imparted to the students by means of various activities. We have tried to build an open culture wherein students are always encouraged to express themselves and put forth their thoughts and ideas with hesitation.

The mission of the school is to help the students excel in whatever field they wish to choose and also keep their value system intact. To facilitate this, we aim to provide them the best of opportunities, infrastructure and education. The vision of the school is to give the country responsible, aware and compassionate citizens; who will grow to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Ms. Shikha Srivastava,

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